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Volunteer in Malawi

Stay with us in Malawi as part of a managed group visit or join a scheduled departure trip as an individual

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Further to our plans to build on our work in Malawi, in May 2018 the charity took a bold step, purchasing a 7-acre site in Mtema, rural Lilongwe. Having undergone a 5-year construction project, our masterplan is coming to life… BPF Malawi’s sports & education community centre comprises a full-size sports pitch, two netball courts, a clubhouse (with two large learning spaces, changing rooms, offices, kitchen & canteen), on-site accommodation with 30 beds, a manager’s house, and on-site parking.

Volunteer with us in Malawi

After almost a decade of running rugby coaching expeditions in Africa, our volunteering focus is now in Lilongwe, Malawi. Join us on-site and in the surrounding village areas to work with our local team and deliver youth sports and community-based activities, contributing to BPF’s impact goal.

Your two volunteering options are as follows:

1. Group visits

Apply anytime and, alongside our travel partner Orbis, who manage BPF’s group trips, we’ll liaise with you to plan your group’s visit to Malawi, supporting BPF Malawi’s community development work. We welcome applications from schools, clubs, colleges, universities and businesses.

2. Scheduled departure trip – for individuals to apply to join us

We’ll publish dates here for our forthcoming BPF/Orbis trips. Joining other volunteers, your itinerary will be based on a 3-week block visit to Malawi.

Our NEXT SCHEDULED DEPARTURE is LIVE and we’re now taking applications:

Submit an application TODAY!

BPF Malawi's Lilongwe community centre

Check out these videos showing BPF Malawi's land purchase process, the build project's early phases and the facility coming to life

Malawi build project – Part 1
Malawi build project – Part 2
BPF Malawi's Mtema community centre

Volunteer with us in Malawi

Arrange a group visit with us or join a scheduled Malawi expedition as an individual

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Submit an enquiry for your group visit and we'll work with you to plan your itinerary and facilitate your trip

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Apply as an individual

Join us for a 3-week scheduled departure trip in Malawi

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