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Help us confront the challenges of coronavirus head-on by donating to our charity fund, enabling meaningful, fast and direct change

With our operations in Africa so badly affected in 2020, we’re running a charity fundraising campaign to respond to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. We’re implementing activities which place children and community leaders in a much stronger position as we look to the future!

As BPF’s community centre in Malawi nears completion, we’re planning to step-up our existing sports & education program in rural Lilongwe, by phasing in a series of improved measures to maximise the spaces at our centre. In addition to the sports pitch, netball courts and clubhouse, the centre boasts two classrooms – all of which provides the ideal platform to improve our planned sporting, educational and food program provisions for children and staff involved in our current and future activities.

We’ve identified three fundraising initiatives which contribute to the development of this work… and YOU can help us make it happen… By donating whatever you can – £10, £20, £50… or as much as you can – you’ll be directly contributing to the projects below.

When you’ve made a donation, please copy/paste the below into your social media platforms:

“I’m a BPF CHARITY FUNDRAISER! I’m supporting @bhubesipride to kick off a children’s food program and send sports kit and educational materials to Africa. You can do the same! Visit: https://bpfafrica.org/join-our-journey/sponsor/ and donate today! #makeithappen”

Contribute to the projects below

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Food program, rural Malawi

In 2021, leveraging BPF's newly-built community centre we're embarking on the exciting process of stepping up our activities, enabling our local team to run more regular sessions, on-site and off-site.

During and after all coaching activities and tournament days, our Lilongwe team will facilitate a significantly improved food program which will provide fruit & bread snacks, drinks (where children use their own water bottles) and delicious 'home-cooked' hot meals, drastically improving the nutritional intake for hundreds of young people.

The program is set to cost £35,000 for the duration of 2021.

Donate to BPF's Charity Fundraiser

Send sports kit to Africa

Many young people in our programs train barefoot, in threadbare clothing or in their school uniform. Playing sport inevitably leads to torn and dirty clothing which parents/guardians simply cannot afford to replace. We are therefore raising funds to send a container packed full of sports kit, donated by a host of generous donors, to our rugby and netball programs in Malawi and Tanzania.

BPF Malawi has been gifted a 4x4 vehicle to enable our development officer to visit schools, deliver food and sports kit to communities in rural areas. We need to pay import duties to register the vehicle.

The combined cost is expected be £10,000.

Donate to BPF's Charity Fundraiser

Educational material for Malawi

BPF has designed a series of short interactive e-learning courses which can be delivered remotely using mobile tablet devices.

We cover topics such as HIV awareness, health & hygiene and communication skills - all specifically tailored to our African audiences.

We now need to purchase the devices to deliver these e-learning courses. We are also seeking funding to purchase educational materials for our two classrooms. These include library books, textbooks, stationery and arts & crafts materials.

The cost of these materials will be £5,000.

Donate to BPF's Charity Fundraiser