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Donate to our Charity Fundraiser campaign to kick off a children’s food program in rural Malawi and send sports kit and educational materials to Africa


Join the charity’s annual overland coaching expedition or arrange a group visit to stay at our Mtema community centre in Malawi

We lead an overland expedition coaching sport with schools, communities and clubs in Africa. We’ve constructed a sports & education community centre in rural Lilongwe, Malawi, which can accommodate groups and enable visitors to support locally delivered development programs.

Join the expedition

Join the expedition

Experience Africa by coaching sport on our unique overland expedition, from 3 weeks or more

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Malawi Community Centre

Stay in Malawi

Arrange a group visit to stay at our Mtema centre in Lilongwe, contributing to local programs on and off site

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Age range (male & female)

Engagement since 2012

Pride stories

Learn about the children and all those playing their part in the Pride: Local coaches, volunteers, donors and charity partners. Could it be you?