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Join us in Malawi on your own or arrange a group visit, staying at our sports & education community centre in Lilongwe and volunteering with our outreach and on-site legacy programs

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Further to our plans to build on our work in Malawi, in May 2018, the charity took its greatest step forward yet, purchasing a 7-acre site in Mtema, rural Lilongwe. Plans are now well underway to construct the masterplan: A sports and education centre comprising a full-size rugby pitch; netball court and volleyball court; clubhouse with two large learning spaces, changing rooms, offices, kitchen, canteen and viewing deck; on-site accommodation with 30 beds; manager’s house; storage spaces; and parking.

We’re realising a dream – let’s bring it to life now

Core activities on site will feature youth sport programs (continuing our existing youth rugby program and introducing netball and volleyball, curricular, after-school sessions and weekend fixtures); life-skills education; coach education; and adult sports. We also aim to incorporate additional activities which would see the charity partnering relevant organisations to offer tutoring, adult learning, healthcare, IT and teacher training, as well as providing spaces for meetings and research purposes. Through these activities, local jobs would be created: centre managers, coaches, development officers, cooks, cleaners and groundskeepers.

We’re ready! Are you? To help make it all happen, come and join us in Lilongwe, on your own or arrange a group visit, staying at our community centre in our accommodation village and contributing to the charity’s goals.

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Stay with us in Malawi

Come and stay at our community centre in Lilongwe, on your own or arrange a group visit:

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