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Carille Guthrie

American Carille Gurthie reflects on her 3 months spent traveling with the Pride and discusses the charity’s focus on its inclusive approach to girls in sport

American, Carille, was 33 when she volunteered with the charity in 2015, joining the Pride in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Carille is a construction manager for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone. At high school, she ran track and started playing rugby at college. Carille has played every position except hooker and is a qualified coach and referee.

The highlight of Carille’s time with the charity was seeing the ‘bright side’ of Africa:

“I work in emergency aid and health care, so prior to travelling with Bhubesi Pride Foundation, my experiences around the continent had been sobering. I loved watching children discover the game and get involved. I especially appreciate Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s push for inclusion and involving girls.”

“Bhubesi Pride Foundation has a profound impact on everyone who participates. From the players and the schools to the teachers and the volunteers. I’ve seen young girls inspired to stay active, teachers committed to bringing fun to the school day and volunteer coaches opened to new cultural experiences.”

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