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CZ’s netball team, charity committee and global employees raise funds for BPF Malawi

During the course of 2023, CZ‘s Nadhia Anwar, its London netball team, charity committee and employees globally have been inspired by the work of Bhubesi Pride Foundation in Malawi.

In Lilongwe, a young team of staff and coaches are working hard to develop a youth netball club program, where the sport (alongside non-contact rugby) is being used as a tool to empower young people, developing life skills and confidence. Moved by the impact locally – and motivated by CZ’s investment in BPF’s work, supporting the construction of BPF Malawi’s community centre and youth programming – CZ employees embarked on a plan to raise money for BPF.

Nadhia Anwar, who represents the business’ netball team, told us:

“Initially, we were unsure about the success of our plan as it primarily involved presenting to our colleagues and asking them for help. To achieve our goal, we recognised the need to develop a deep connection between our employees and the purpose behind our mission. We accomplished this by sharing the heartwarming story of Bhubesi Pride Foundation in an inspiring presentation. Our primary aim was for the cause to resonate with our team, highlighting that, together, we can create a greater good. Our second fundraising initiative was organising a fun-filled Summer Sports Day charity event. To participate, colleagues made a payment (or donation), which enabled them to engage in various sports.”

“By supporting children in Malawi with BPF, we’re not just giving these children hope, we’re nurturing their dreams and creating opportunities where they are needed most. Everyone supporting BPF are enablers, giving children a chance to develop their skills, reach their full potential, and empowering young minds to make the right decisions. By getting involved in supporting BPF, you are investing and driving the paths for brighter futures. It’s beyond the act of giving… it’s about positively changing lives and creating a long-lasting impact.”

Collectively, CZ employees raised £4,942 for Bhubesi Pride Foundation in 2023, supporting BPF Malawi’s onward clubs for development (C4D) program at the NGO’s rural Lilongwe community centre, which involves 179 young people in netball, rugby and life skills activities.

Employee inspired fundraising

CZ's netball team initiates a global presentation and its charity committee coordinates a London Summer Sports Day

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