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Gareth Nokes appointed BPF CEO

Momentum builds as BPF welcomes Gareth Nokes to the team in formal role

With the ‘Roaring 20s’ underway, Bhubesi Pride Foundation is delighted to officially announce Gareth Nokes’ appointment as CEO.

Since October 2018, Gareth Nokes has become increasingly inspired by – and involved in – Bhubesi Pride Foundation’s work in Africa. Two personal visits to Malawi in a 7-month period have followed an impressive fundraising drive, generating £70,000 for BPF’s sports & education construction project in Lilongwe; 30% of the build’s fundraising target.

Gareth brings with him experience as CFO of a global insurance business and 25 years in the commercial world. He departs a life in Bermuda, where he also co-founded and developed a community rugby program for vulnerable young people. In a career-defining move, Gareth’s first year in post at BPF is certainly different to most: Now in Nairobi, he’s helping to deliver BPF’s community coaching programs with our expedition team in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania alongside his wife, Jacs – both self-funding their time ‘with the Pride’ in Africa over the next 10 weeks.

Having already significantly aided progress, from April Gareth will be based in Lilongwe for much of the remainder of 2020 to further intensify BPF’s build project activities on its sports & education construction site.

But this is only part of the plan…

Working alongside BPF’s Founder, Richard, and the team, Gareth will help to develop and deliver BPF’s longer term evolutionary strategy, implementing a succession plan for BPF’s sports & education community centre in Lilongwe, whilst exploring the facilitation of similar projects and programs with partnering stakeholders in other African countries, helping to raise the funds required over the coming months and years to do so.

“I’m thrilled Gareth’s joining our journey. Those close to me and the organisation know just how passionate we all are about the work we do and what it’s taken to get us here. Now is the time for us all to embrace a virtue which has underpinned so much of our success since our humble beginnings in 2011: ambition.

Gareth brings new ideas and great determination. The progress we’re already making reminds me of the organisation’s ‘early days’ so it’ll be exciting to see what we’ll achieve in the coming months, alongside the communities who inspire what we do. I’m also excited about the lessons and new experiences Gareth and our teams will share in the short and long term.”

Richard Bennett, Founder, Bhubesi Pride Foundation

Following six months of discussions, preparations and formalising the role, Gareth started in post last week.

“Having been inspired by BPF’s developing work, I’m delighted to be appointed its CEO. I am following my heart to share in the journey of realising an incredible vision as we continue to help positively shape the lives of children living in rural communities throughout Africa.

I am excited to help the team develop BPF’s innovative and ambitious sports and education programs.”

Gareth Nokes, CEO, Bhubesi Pride Foundation

See Gareth in action in-video during his inspired visit to Lilongwe in July 2019

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