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Ilijana Parojcic

Canadian Ilijana Parojcic tracks her Pride Story as her drive for adventure takes her on her career path from home to the UK via Africa

Canadian Ilijana, 24, is at the start of her working career. She started in banking and is now on the path to become a lawyer. She played rugby in Canada at school, university and at her club. Living in the UK, Ilijana now plays for Old Bristolians Ladies.

Ilijana joined the Pride in 2017 in Zambia and Malawi. In Ilijana’s words, her motivation was simple:

“I craved adventure and I got to combine this adventure with my passion; rugby.”

Ilijana has kept in touch with the coaches she volunteered with in Africa. Her experience reconnected her with the rugby community and inspired her to start playing again.

Ilijana saw first-hand the impact BPF’s work has on the local communities.

“I saw daily the joy on the children’s faces as they learned how to play rugby and have fun! I felt part of the communities we visited as they warmly welcomed us.”

“I learned so much from coaching in Africa with the charity. I worked on my communication skills, both with the children and my fellow coaches. I learned how to work with people from all different backgrounds in a respectful way. My time with the Pride truly expanded my perspective of the world and taught me so many lessons.

I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to be part of something so special.”

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