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Juma & Wordsworth stand strong in crisis

Development officers, Juma Kittyler & Wordsworth Rashid, step up to assist their Tanzanian & Malawian communities in time of great uncertainty

Evading the defender

Over the course of early 2020, our ‘Roaring Twenties’ have had to begin a new path of discovery. All over the world, communities and countries continue to battle the storm presented by the coronavirus and the pain and suffering caused by the disease, Covid-19, and the various socio-economic restrictions imposed by governments.

We’re in the same storm. But we’re all in different boats.


As a relatively small sport & education charitable organisation, we’re all too aware of the challenges one encounters in Africa. However, for us, the opportunity, potential and ambition drowns out the challenges. That’s what inspires us and everyone we work with.

On a sports field, attacking players will link up in a cohesive effort to combine as a team, evade the defender and score (thereby seizing the opportunity). Whilst we’ve had to cancel our 2020 expedition and suspend all sporting programs until social distancing restrictions allow activities to resume, we can proudly report on the winning game-plans our teams have employed in Tanzania and Malawi.

Tanzania Rugby Development (TRD) development officer, Juma Kittyler, has initiated a program in Arusha to repurpose grant funding for food distribution and local family donations.

“The children TRD works with each week are extremely poor. Guardians are less likely to be able to support children during this difficult time. Our repurposed funding provides food for the most needy beneficiaries. Many of these children have no other source of income; these funds will directly help them to eat and live.”

Juma Kittyler

In Malawi, BPF’s development officer, Wordsworth Rashid, has pivoted his role and duties as a sports & education facilitator to head into the Mtema communities in Lilongwe on his BPF motorbike to deliver food, health information and to supply our program participants with personal cleaning equipment.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to The Ed Cooper Memorial Fund and Czarnikow for allowing Bhubesi Pride Foundation to enable Juma/TRD in Arusha and Wordsworth in Lilongwe to support their communities in the best ways possible during this unsettling time.

Juma and Wordsworth look forward to welcoming volunteers and donors back to Tanzania and Malawi soon.

Pivoting with inspired drive and determination

With the help of their teams, Juma and Wordsworth 'plant their feet' to kick on and keep moving forward with great purpose in support of their communities.

BPF's local response to coronavirus in Malawi

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