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Justin Robar

Canadian Justin Robar volunteered with the charity in 2015 and 2019 with his experiences widening the impact he’s making through sport for development

Justin lives and works in Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate student in the faculty of applied health sciences at Brock University and is also a teaching assistant. Justin grew up playing high school and provincial level rugby moving on to university level and senior level rugby. He also played hockey and American football in High School. He has since taken up rock climbing, ultra-trail running and hiking!

Having volunteered with the charity in 2015, aged 19, Justin returned to the Pride in 2019 to coach in the community and carry out research for a sport for development thesis.

Justin also shares how what he learnt in Africa is continuing to inspire him and others:

“Working in Zambia was very rewarding. Seeing how the game is progressing in these areas was truly amazing. Other coaches taught me so much about rugby and life, and the children and individuals we worked with had the same effect. I took a lot of these lessons with me when working with children back in Canada.”

“My first trip with Bhubesi Pride Foundation changed my life. It sparked my career and academic path. I conducted an independent study on my experience which lead to my masters program in sport management where I am now doing research on community engagement in sport for development.”

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