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Transforming lives in Malawi – Ndizotheka!

BPF VIDEO UPDATE brings to life long-standing community & stakeholder relationships, strengthening youth programs and stories of transformation

Bhubesi Pride Foundation is delighted to present its latest video (below), featuring the following themes:

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  • Atlas Foundation Trustee John Clougherty provides his assessment from a BPF Pride Partner perspective
  • Queen Chipeta and Thokozile Mkandawire share their own personal ‘pride stories’… and headteacher Wilson Mbetayasamba highlights the positive outcomes for children participating in BPF programs
  • BPF Malawi staff Wordsworth Rashid, Lawrent Kamanga, Yona Cement and Sibongire Mkhalipi discuss the impact of youth program delivery, operational and systems progress, and the importance of professionally developing and empowering staff and coaches
  • British High Commissioner Fiona Ritchie aligns the unifying power of BPF Malawi’s work with government-led youth capacity-building agendas
  • Project facilitators Jack Mphande (MARU), Chifundo Robert and Bridgette Phiri (Achinyamata Tikambilane) discuss the tangible value of youth sports & life skills activities
  • BPF Malawi executive director Nohara S. Chinguwo speaks to the impact and significant progress being made by the NGO and the wider, longer-term potential of equipping young people with the skills, knowledge and experience to rise above their challenges, to fulfil their life potential and uplift themselves and their communities

Transforming lives in Malawi - Ndizotheka!

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