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UK partner & stakeholder engagement

BPF Malawi's Nohara Chinguwo joins BPF UK's Richard Bennett for a UK-based partner and stakeholder engagement visit

BPF UK’s CEO Richard Bennett hosts BPF Malawi’s Executive Director Nohara Chinguwo for an action-packed schedule of meetings and events in the UK. Taking place across 9 days and connecting with charity partner representatives and key stakeholders, Richard and Nohara travel between Newport, Bristol, Loughborough, London, Bedford, Northampton, Wigan and Edinburgh.

Scroll down to see a short highlights VIDEO showcasing positivity, camaraderie, ambition and pride.

Aimed to update, inform and share ideas, general takeaways from the discussions include:

  • Intent to explore and initiate shared learning opportunities through the provision of relevant youth sports and education resources
  • Engaging groups in organised experiential visits in the UK and Malawi (the latter helping to diversify BPF Malawi’s income)
  • Assisting BPF Malawi with technical tools and systems to develop the NGO’s autonomous data processing, monitoring and evaluation, and impact reporting
  • Valuing the mutual benefits of fostering long-term partnerships, we’ll incorporate shared goals into MOUs and formalise commitments… Note: 3 of BPF’s 12 strategic partnerships remain in place after 10 years (6 are entering a fifth year or more), demonstrating a strong sense of loyalty and the charity’s consistent ability to deliver on its goals
  • Working together to introduce and develop new shared relationships which benefit BPF and existing partners

Thank you to all of you who met with Richard and Nohara and for your continued support and partnering of Bhubesi Pride Foundation.

Watch the [5-min] VIDEO below…

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