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Transforming lives in The Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi – known as Nyasaland until independence in 1964 – is an African landlocked country with a growing population of 18 million. A fifth of its landmass is water, with Lake Malawi spanning 350 miles north-south. Chichewa is the national language and Kwacha the currency. Lilongwe, the capital, was founded as a trading post in 1906 and only recognised as a town in 1947. Malawi’s vibrant beat, open skies, its welcoming people, passion for music and dance all contribute to the country being affectionately known as The Warm Heart of Africa.

Making it happen

Just as Bhubesi Pride Foundation made itself known on the world wide web, Malawian, Wordsworth Rashid, sent the charity an email. Wordsworth invited BPF Founder, Richard Bennett, to stay with his family in Lilongwe and showed Richard what was possible through sport and education. Seven years on and Wordsworth is employed by the charity full-time as a development officer, helping to realise a long-term plan to engage the community in meaningful activities, changing hundreds of lives. Malawi is listed as one of the poorest countries in the world economically, with HIV/Aids and Malaria presenting persistent social challenges. Through sport, education and promoting healthy life choices, we are making a sustainable difference.

Inspiring change and development in Malawi

Meet development officer, Wordsworth, aspiring coach, Isaac, and see early progress videos from our sports and education community centre build project in Lilongwe

Here, now and the future
Meet Isaac
Early build project activities
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Legacy projects in Malawi

Schools rugby & life-skills program, Area 25 & 49, Lilongwe

Schools rugby & life-skills program, Area 25 & 49, Lilongwe

BPF development officer, Wordsworth Rashid, leads a year-round rugby and life-skills program with six primary schools, five secondary schools and one club; involving 700 players, aged 10 - 18. Wordsworth works with 44 actively engaged teachers and coaches to deliver curricular and extra-curricular sessions and coordinate monthly fixtures.

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Sports & education community centre (build project), Mzumanzi, Lilongwe

Sports & education community centre (build project), Mtema, Lilongwe

Bhubesi Pride Foundation is realising a dream. Having purchased a 7-acre site in rural Lilongwe, build plans are underway to lay a full-size sports field, netball court and volleyball court and construct a clubhouse (with two large learning spaces, changing rooms, offices, kitchen, canteen and viewing deck), on-site accommodation for visitors, storage space, manager’s house and parking. Plans to sustainably maximise the centre’s use include developing our core rugby and life-skills schools program, and, by partnering relevant in-country and international organisations, introduce additional activities, such as tutoring, adult learning, healthcare, IT and teacher training.

How you can sponsor our projects

Pride Stories: Malawi

Read about the impact we’re making with communities in Malawi and hear from local coaches, teachers, our volunteers, donors and charity partners.

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